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Buzzing! - the book

“A fabulous fun-filled flight thru’ the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly”
Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Buzzing! CD - now with music!
Over 60 poems &
80 minibeast photos


A National Insect Week
recommended resource

‘Wonderful! We put it on in the office when someone needs cheering up’
Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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About theBigBuzzTM


theBigBuzzTM was set up by me, Anneliese Emmans Dean, in 2007, to bring poetry to life, and to promote:

  • wellbeing through words
  • sustainability through creativity
  • learning through laughter, rhythm and rhyme.


Through the poems, multi-media shows, workshops and eco-musicals that I create, theBigBuzz provides eco-edutainment for all ages.


theBigBuzz is based in York, in the north of England. Its projects run up and down the country.

theBigBuzz is run on the permaculture principles of:

  • earth care
  • people care
  • fair share.

This includes supporting local, national and international charities:

And theBigBuzz is proud to take part in initiatives such as:


In 2008, theBigBuzz won the Merchant Adventurers’ Award for Enterprise.


In 2011, Compost! The (mini-)Musical was awarded the Garden Organic Master Composters Award for Innovation.

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