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Buzzing! - the book
A National Insect Week
recommended book

Buzzing Front Cover
“A fabulous fun-filled flight thru’ the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly”
Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Nominated for the 2013 Carnegie Medal

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‘An absolute must’
Primary Times

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Photo by David John Lake

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Audience reaction to

‘Edutainment for all the family!’

‘Joyce Grenfell eat your
heart out’

‘You wrote the poems,
Anneliese?!? I thought they
were by Ogden Nash!’

‘Liverpool were playing tonight - but it was worth coming here instead!’

 ‘The bugs really came alive!’

‘Wonderful photos, clever and amusing poems’

‘What an amazing performance - we all loved it!’

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Be amazed ... Be amused ... Be afraid ... It’s Buzzing!

“Anneliese Emmans Dean has discovered the poetry in insects and knows a lot about them as well.
She has the Buzz!” Quentin Blake

Buzzing! is an edu-taining multimedia celebration of garden minibeasts, created and performed by me, Anneliese Emmans Dean.

“Every primary school in the UK
should book this enjoyable show”
Ledbury Reporter
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Buzzing! has been recognised for its educational value for children and adults alike by the Royal Entomological Society. And for its entertainment value by venues, festivals and audiences up and down England who have hosted performances. Find out more

“Fantastic. Brilliant entertainment.”
Anne Ryder, U3A (University of the Third Age), York

2-spot ladybird (Adalia bipunctata)Berberis sawfly larva (Arge berberedis)HoverflyCommon wasp (Vespula vulgaris)Painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui)

206  Listen to a Buzzing! poem on BBC Radio 4, introduced by Jenni Murray
Listen to more of the Radio 4 Woman’s Hour interview

Each of my poems introduces you to one of the extraordinary tiny creatures that live in our gardens. I perform the poems to a backdrop of projected photos, interspersed with musical interludes. Choose between recorded music, or music played live by internationally acclaimed viola player John Rayson, who has composed pieces specially for Buzzing!

The show includes a world-first insect discovery I made in my garden in York, and tells you how you can make one too!

 Buzzing! entertains all ages
  - in schools - both primary and secondary
  - in theatres
  - at festivals (literary or science-oriented)
  - in community and environment centres
  - at after-dinner events
  - at parties ...
 In other words, anywhere there’s electricity to plug in the projector!

Our Buzzing! shows are evolving all the time, and there are many options in terms of length, themes, audience age, venue type, and follow-up activities. Find out more here!


‘It was funny, humorous, amusing and she never let us be bored’
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If you can’t wait for a performance, there’s my Buzzing! book (with a Foreword by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust) and my Buzzing! CD (a National Insect Week recommended resource). The CD contains over 60 Buzzing! poems and comes with a 16-page colour booklet, printed here in York on recycled paper, with over 80 of my close-up photos of garden minibeasts. Order yours now!

  208   Listen to a sample Buzzing! CD track (mp3)

Find out more about the Buzzing! CD here

After the Buzzing! experience, your garden will never seem the same again!


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