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Buzzing! at the Hay Festival
Buzzing at the
 Royal Society Summer Exhibition

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Buzzing! is a National Insect Week Recommended Children’s Book
and Teachers’ Resource!

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*****  ‘Highly recommended …
 It is certainly a book for
making learning fun!’
Journal of Biological Education

*****  ‘It is likely to be a favourite at home or at school.’
Books for Keeps

‘Buzzing with interesting science facts and wonderful poetry.’
 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize Judging Panel

‘excellent … a triumphal stride’
Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists’ Society

‘a rhyming romp that is captivating, humorous and entertaining.’
Antenna (Journal of the Royal Entomological Society)

‘There’s a jungle out there,
full of the most amazing things,
and it’s right on your doorstep.
Anneliese is the guide
 you’ve been waiting for.’

from Buzzing! Foreword by BBCT

thru’ laughter, rhythm and rhyme:

 - Which creatures hitch a ride with bumblebees (and why)

 - How many spots a 2-spot Ladybird has. (And no, it’s not always 2!)

 - Why spiders are good mums

 - How to tell a girl earwig from a boy earwig.

 - How to spot a bumblebee that’s new to the UK

 - Which common fly regurgitates its food

 - Which garden minibeast can jump 100 times its own body length

 - Which bees build mini-volcanoes in your garden

 - Where Common Plume Moths hide their wings

 - Which garden minibeast lays its eggs inside live caterpillars

- Who to tell if you see a Harlequin Ladybird

 - Which minibeast invented paper (and gave us humans the idea)

 - The meaning of lots of minibeast scientific names

 - Which spider goes bungee jumping

 - How to tell a real bee from a pretend bee

 - Which minibeast tremulates (and what tremulating is)

 - How Queen bumblebees survive the winter

 - Where to find gold in your garden

 - Which garden minibeast the
19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin thought was the most important creature on planet earth

All this, and lots, lots more ...

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Anneliese Emmans Dean  BB Star copy


DES2787_Young Book Prize_Shortlist sticker x1 SQ02Buzzing!
Discover the poetry in garden minibeasts

‘A fabulous fun-filled flight through the wonderful world
of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly’
Dr Ben Darvill, CEO, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Winner of the 2015 NS Teachers’ Book Award for Poetry!
Nominated for the Carnegie Medal
Shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize
***** - Books for Keeps
***** - Journal of Biological Education

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Buzzing! ladybird-A EmmansDean


Buzzing-Berberis-sawfly-larva-A EmmansDean

Buzzing! photos

Buzzing! - Anneliese Emmans Dean

School Visits
Buzzing! school visits

Buzzing! for

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Discover the poetry in garden minibeasts in Buzzing!
Paperback, 160 full-colour pages (see sample pages)
   - Foreword by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
67 edu-taining minibeast poems
Over 170 close-up colour photos of garden minibeasts
Scores of Bug Boxes and Factabulous facts
   - Printed in the UK by an environmentally friendly printer
Ideal for 6-12-year-olds, and for the young at heart
You’ll never look at your garden in the same way again!
 - Read Buzzing! book reviews here

7-spot ladybird - Anneliese Emmans DeanBugWatch

   - Record the bugs you see!

 Seen something you don’t recognise?
   - Get help from i-Spot
   - Get help from Wild About Britain

Buzzing Contents (page 1)Buzzing! poems

   - View full Table of Contents
   - Read ‘Jane Bond’
from my Buzzing! book
   - Watch me perform ‘Jane Bond’, at RHS Harlow Carr
   - Watch me perform ‘Doug’, at Helmsley Arts Centre
   - Listen to me perform ‘Madame Honfleur’ on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour
   - Find out about ‘Emmelina’, which might be the world’s first ever monodactylian double dactyl

Berberis-Sawfly-Larva-by Anneliese Emmans DeanBuzzing! creatures

 Find out more about some of the creatures in Buzzing!
  - Tansy beetles (the ‘Jewels of York’)
  - Rosemary beetles (new to York)
  - Harlequin ladybirds (alien invaders!)
  - Tree bumblebee (a new bee come over from France)
  - Berberis sawflies (my ‘world-first’ insect discovery!)
  - Watch my video of sawflies using their built-in ‘saw’ (as mentioned on page 107 of Buzzing!)

Photos from Buzzing by Anneliese Emmans DeanBuzzing! photos

It took me 8 years to take all the photos in Buzzing! I took  most of them in my small garden on the outskirts of York. Find out:
   - How you can take photos in a Buzzing! way
   - How I took the penultimate photo in the book!
   - How I took the very last photo in the book!
   - About my photography workshops
   - How I can put on a photography workshop for your event

Anneliese Emmans DeanBuzzing! author

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Buzzing! school visitsBuzzing! School Visits

‘Every primary school in the UK should book
this enjoyable show!’ Ledbury Times

I visit primary and secondary schools to put on my:
   - Live multimedia Buzzing! show
Poetry workshops and photography workshops.
   - Read schools’ feedback
   - Find out which school chose the subtitle for Buzzing!
   - email me about coming to your school

Grown-up_Performances02Buzzing! for Grown-Ups

‘Fantastic. Brilliant entertainment.’
Anne Ryder, U3A, York
Fantastic, wonderful poetry. The best talk ever!’
Margaret Scholey, Ladies’ Luncheon Club, Leeds

I perform my unique, edu-taining Buzzing! show for:
   - Gardening groups, U3A, WI, etc.
   - Luncheon Clubs
   - Read show feedback
email me about performing for your group

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