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Anneliese - your poet
for the evening!
Photo: J. Ward and M. Herbert

“Anneliese Emmans Dean is a gifted poet, performer and communicator.”
Oxford Daily Info.

Professional entertainment
for your event:

  • I am a member of Equity
  • I have public liability insurance

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I have performed my shows at:

  • Oxford Playhouse
  • Helmsley Arts Centre
  • INTECH, the UK’s largest planetarium
  • York Racecourse
  • Kew at Castle Howard
  • University of York
    and many more venues ...

“Liverpool was playing tonight
but it was worth coming here instead”
Audience feedback

I have performed my poems on:

  • Radio 2 Arts Show
  • Today programme (Radio 4)
  • BBC Radio York
  • BBC Radio Oxford

“Marvellous. So different,
 talented, enthusiastic!
We loved it!”
Audience feedback

I have been commissioned to write poems for:

  • the BBC
  • conferences
  • retirement parties
  • weddings
  • birthdays


Anneliese performs Buzzing

Anneliese performing Buzzing!
Photo: David John Lake


“Joyce Grenfell
eat your heart out!”
Audience feedback

Anneliese Emmans Dean BB Star copy

Conference, group, corporate & after-dinner entertainment


Looking for entertainment with a difference for your conference, corporate event, organisation or group? Look no further! I perform unique, witty poetry shows to transform your event, and put a smile on your delegates’ faces, whether here in my home city of York, or further afield.

“Excellent - your performance made a significant contribution to the success of our conference”
Lotika Singha, SfEP

Choose from:

“Anneliese is a national treasure!”
Alwyn Taylor, U3A

And if you’d like the show tailored to your own company or organisation, then  commission me to pen and perform a poem specially for your event!

Rhymes of the Times

Enjoy a show made up of Rhymes of the Times, my satirical poems about current affairs (which I often perform on BBC radio).

To give you a flavour, here’s an audio clip from a ‘Rhymes of the Times 2011’ show:

206 Sports Thoughts - Rhymes of the Times 2011

And here’s one from a ‘Rhymes of the Times 2010’ show:

206 Osh - Rhymes of the Times 2010

And here’s a video clip from a ‘Rhymes of the Times 2009’ show, in which I perform ‘Last Orders’, my poem about MPs’ expenses. This poem was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme when the scandal broke, in May 2009.


“Very funny!”  “Inspiring”
“Immensely enjoyable!”
“Made me forget all my aches and pains!”
Audience feedback

email Anneliese to discuss your event

Rhyme and Dine

Let me transform one of your conference meals into a Rhyme and Dine event, a feast of witty words and fine food and wine, with poems tailored to your menu (and, if you wish, to your event), performed between courses.

“Fabulous show! Your words
were as luscious as the food!”
“Sublime!”   “Magnificent!”

Conference delegates, University of York

LitFest-LitFeast-York, 9.3.08

“Thank you once again for helping to make our annual conference such a success. I don't know what people were expecting - if anything - but your poems really gave us a focus. I've had some great feedback!”
Conference Organiser,
Cambridge Education Group

Find out more ...

And why not commission a special poem about your company or organisation for the occasion too? I have been commissioned to write poems by, for example, the BBC and The Clerks, as well as by organisations and individuals for birthdays, retirements etc.

“Simply fabulous!”
Birthday poem feedback

email Anneliese to discuss your event


If you’re looking for a stand-alone show, especially if your organisation or company is involved with things eco and green or the natural world, then my award-winning multimedia eco-show Buzzing! (a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe) could be for you.

“Brilliant - a unique, entertaining, informative and amusing take on the world of bumblebees and other garden insects”
Professor Dave Goulson, Director,
Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Butterflies and bees, music and mirth, verse and verve - It’s Buzzing!.

206 Listen to a Buzzing! poem (performed on BBC Radio 4, introduced by Jenni Murray

“Beautiful ... A rare combination of imagination and scientific accuracy. Your audience was entranced.”
John Millett, Chairman, River Foss Society

After a Buzzing! show, you’ll never look at your garden in the same way again! The show includes the world-first insect discovery I made here in York, and ‘the jewel of York’, a beetle that’s unique to York.

“Fantastic. Brilliant entertainment.”
Anne Ryder, U3A (University of the Third Age)

Buzzing! won the Royal Entomological Society’s Lesley Goodman Award.

“Gripping from start to finish.”
Bill Stevenson, Edinburgh Fringe

And if you’d like the show tailored to your own company or organisation, then commission me to pen a special poem for your event!

email Anneliese to discuss your event

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