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‘It was funny, humorous, amusing and she never let us be bored’
Lauren, Year 4

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Curriculum Links & Resources: Buzzing!

“Magnificent - Science and Art in an hour! The children were totally engaged and totally inspired! It also inspired me as a teacher!”
Jonathan Green, Head Teacher, York

My multimedia Buzzing! poetry show about garden minibeasts, and my follow-on poetry writing and  performing workshops, provide a unique cross-curricular creative experience for KS1 and KS2 pupils.

“Poet and photographer Anneliese Emmans Dean entertained us all with her brilliant ‘Buzzing!’ show - a selection of her wonderful poems and stunning photographs with musical interludes. We also learned quite a lot of science along the way!”
Cradley Primary School, Herefordshire

The National Curriculum states that children should have access to a range of good quality modern poetry. My Buzzing! show gives children just that. It helps to establish the ‘positive climate for poetry’ the NLS calls for, making poetry ‘a central aspect of literacy’.

My Buzzing! show is based on my Buzzing! book, which won the NS Teachers’ Book Award for Poetry, was shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize and is a National Insect Week recommended children’s book and teachers’ resource.

My show, plus follow-on workshops, link to many aspects of the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum, including:

  • Science: Animals, Living things and their habitats, Evolution and inheritance
  • English: Poetry (including choral, oral and performance poems)
  • Music
  • Topics: Minibeasts; Habitats; Inventions; Animals; Rainforest; Rivers
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Excellence & Enjoyment.

Freddy, Year 3

Online follow-up resources

You can download a free KS2 Buzzing! teacher resource here.

The following BigBuzz blog posts and web links provide useful follow-up information for use after a Buzzing! show.


Record the wildlife you see...

Berberis Sawfly Larvae 27July 07 - copyright Anneliese Emmans Dean


Also, check out the Nature Detectives website run by the Woodland Trust, with wildlife recording schemes your pupils can get involved in. The site also has dowloadable resources for schools and KS2 curriculum-linked worksheets.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has useful information and resources on its site too. See, for example, here and here.



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