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Cambridge Education Group’s Lisa Tyler at their Rhyme and Dine conference dinner, February 2012

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Conference, corporate & after-dinner entertainment

Cambridge Education Group annual conference
 Rhyme and Dine

February 2012

‘Thank you once again for helping to make our annual conference such a success. I don't know what people were expecting - if anything - but your poems really gave us a focus and the limerick writing helped us all get to know each other better. I've had some great feedback!’
Lisa Tyler, Chief Administrative Officer

Adel Ladies Luncheon Club
 Buzzing! - Garden Heroes and Villains

October 2011

‘Fantastic. The best talk ever!’
Margaret Scholey

‘Excellent. Bright and colourful and lively and very interesting.’
Maureen Moffatt, Speaker Secretary

Bedern Hall
Rhyme and Dine - York Food Festival

September 2011

Thank you very much Miss Poetry Bird
 These were the best rhymes I ever heard

I came here at my wife’s suggestion
 And your rhymes really helped my digestion’
Cap Fowles

Senior Tours Canada
Buzzing! - The Bugs of York

September 2011

‘Really fun and interesting! Fun voices and poems. More bugs please.’
Jane McKay, Tour Leader

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