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  • enhanced CRB disclosure
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  • a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from Cambridge University.

Buzzing! - the book

Winner of the NS Teachers’ Book Award for Poetry


Shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

67 edu-taining minibeast poems
Over 170 close-up colour photos

“A fabulous fun-filled flight thru’ the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly”
Bumblebee Conservation Trust


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Poetry Workshops

I provide a range of innovative, engaging, cross-curricular poetry writing and/or performing workshops from early years ...


through primary schools ...

‘The children kept coming up to me telling me that we should have you back once a week.’
Jean Yendall, Head Teacher,
Sowerby Community Primary School

to community poetry events that involve adults too.

BigBuzz Community Poetry Event

I also provide a unique ‘Poet in Residence’ programme, transforming KS2 pupils into Word Wizards.

BigBuzz Word Wizards

Read schools’ workshop and performance feedback

Why poetry?

Recent research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology confirms that rhythm and rhyme boost young children’s language  development and reading skills.

The National Curriculum states that children should experience ‘a range of good-quality modern poetry’.

The National Literacy Strategy recognises poetry as ‘a central aspect of literacy’. All my poetry workshops and performances help establish the ‘positive climate for poetry’ called for by the NLS.


‘Thanks for the superb workshop. The children have been really fired up about it.’
Peter Heale, Year 6 Teacher, York

I provide poetry writing and poetry performing workshops. Some of the workshops tie in with a performance of my Buzzing! show celebrating  garden minibeasts. Others are stand-alone workshops All stimulate children’s creativity, and encourage them to enjoy ‘playing with words’.

Cross-curricular Buzzing! poetry workshops

Buzzing! is a humorous, multimedia poetry show in celebration of garden minibeasts. It has been recognised by the Royal Entomological Society for its educational value. The show is based on my Buzzing! book, which won the NS Teachers’ Book Award for poetry.

There are different Buzzing! show options to choose from. My follow-on workshops encourage KS1, 2 and 3 pupils to write and perform their own minibeast poetry. Weather permitting, the KS1 workshops can be held outdoors. All workshops stimulate pupils to go out into their school grounds to look for minibeasts where they are.

Read about Buzzing! curriculum links

Here is an example of a KS2 pupil’s poem, written during one of my ‘Minibeast Magic’ workshops:

Sunny's poem

Read primary school feedback

Find out more about my primary school workshops

Poet in Residence

My ‘Poet in Residence’ programme will transform your KS2 pupils into fully qualified Word Wizards, with many exciting Word Wizard tricks up their  sleeves ...

Find out more

Email me for further details of any of the workshops outlined here, or to discuss my visiting your school.

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