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‘You were amazing last night.
I really enjoyed myself.
Your poems were great fun.
I love the way you play around with sounds of words.’

Rhyme and Dine feedback

‘Thank you for a wonderfully
enjoyable, sociable,hedonistic
and educational evening on
Sunday. It really was a
wonderful night out.’

Rhyme and Dine feedback

‘It¹s a delight to discover that a poetry reading can also be a real performance (not the clichéd image of the gloomy poet reading almost unintelligibly with a flat voice...!)’

Rhyme and Dine feedback

‘Thank you for helping to make our annual conference such a success.’

Lisa Tyler, Conference Organiser

Anneliese Emmans Dean  BB Star copy

Rhyme and Dine

My ‘Rhyme and Dine’ evenings are a celebration of fine food, in which I perform entertaining poems between the courses of a sumptuous meal.

“Fabulous ... Your words were as luscious
as the food!”

My ‘Rhyme and Dine’ evenings can take place anywhere there’s good food - from an intimate restaurant, to a large conference hall ...

“Excellent - your performance made a significant contribution to the success of our conference.”
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From a private party to a festival ...

“Really enjoyed the LitFest LitFeast -
you were fantastic!”
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Let me transform your next function into an unforgettable ‘Do with a Difference’ - make it a Rhyme and Dine evening!  email me for details

“Thank you very much Miss Poetry Bird
 These were the best rhymes I ever heard
I came here at my wife’s suggestion
 And your rhymes really helped my digestion”
York Food Festival feedback - find out more

LitFest-LitFeast-York, 9.3.08


Anneliese Emmans Dean BB Star copy
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