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More of my Rhymes of the Times


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Rhymes of the Times

Enjoy a show made up of ‘Rhymes of the Times’, my satirical poems about current affairs.

“Immensely enjoyable!”
“Made me forget all my aches and pains!”
Audience feedback

To give you a flavour, here’s an audio clip from a ‘Rhymes of the Times 2011’ show:

206 Sports Thoughts - Rhymes of the Times 2011

And here’s one from a ‘Rhymes of the Times 2010’ show:

206 Osh - Rhymes of the Times 2010

And here’s a video clip from a ‘Rhymes of the Times 2009’ show, in which I perform ‘Last Orders’, my poem about MPs’ expenses. This poem was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme when the scandal broke, in May 2009.


 Find out more about some previous Rhymes of the Times shows:

“Very funny!”  “Inspiring”
Audience feedback

You can catch up on ‘2009 in Rhyme’ on CD. Find out more ...

And you can revisit the events of 2010 in ‘Rhymes of the Times 2010’, which includes poems broadcast on Radio 2, Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. Find out more ...


If you’d like a Rhymes of the Times show where you are, email Anneliese to discuss your event.

If you’d like the show tailored to your own company or organisation, then commission me to pen a special poem for your event! email Anneliese to discuss your event

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