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Buzzing! book (signed by the author and dedicated to your child/children)



Extended Description

Paperback, 160 pages, full colour throughout. A National Insect Week recommended children's book and teachers' resource! Winner of the NS Teachers' Book Award for Poetry. Nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize.
Enter the factabulous world of garden minibeasts, as you've never experienced them before! 67 'edu-taining' minibeast poems, oodles of factabulous facts and over 170 close-up colour photos. Foreword by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust: 'A fabulous fun-filled flight through the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly. You'll be edu-entertain-amazed.'
If you'd like me to dedicate your copy to someone in particular, let me know their name by emailing, along with the name of the school I visited.


Anneliese Emmans Dean BB Star copy
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